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There have been a number of studies showing that Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can improve the success rate of pregnancy in infertile couples.

For the Girls

When everything works as it should the menstrual cycle should be 28 to 29 days long, the period 3 to 5 days, pain free and not too heavy with ovulation occurring around days 12 to 14. In Western medicine longer or shorter cycles may not be seen as a problem but in Chinese medicine achieving a balanced cycle is often the starting point for treating unexplained fertility. This may take 2 to 3 months of treatment. Often acupuncture is more effective at first and then we may rely on Chinese herbs as a cheaper and equally effective treatment.


Where there are specific problems the treatment is adapted to take these into account, for example:

For the Boys

After reminding him to cut out the smoking, drinking and late night takeaways, and threatening him with acupuncture in the nether regions, Chinese medicine, especially herbs can be used to increase sperm counts, volume and quality. Where acupuncture is needed, points on the arms and legs are commonly used. So relax chaps. Approx twelve weeks of treatment are suggested. Again, it may be beneficial to treat 'stress' and any other health problems at the same time.


For those who have already taken the IVF route, acupuncture in particular has been shown in some studies to increase the odds of success by around 45%1. It may be sufficient to have just a couple of treatments, before and after embryo transfer, but experience suggests that preparing for IVF with a longer course of treatment is more beneficial.

The aim of Chinese medicine is to make a difference by:


In pregnancy acupuncture is a safe and reliable way to treat problems such as nausea, back pain, breech and posterior position baby and slow onset of labour.

Reference: 1. Paulus et al; (2002) Influence on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy. Fertility & Sterility 77(4):721-4


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